Sunday, April 10, 2016

As we sat in the Santa Barbara Station waiting for the train that would take us back to the San Fernando Valley we thought of all the things that were still on our "to do" list in Santa Barbara.  We had wanted to visit both the Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum but were short of time.
Our Car Free visit to the City had been most successful but our "to do" presented good reason for a return trip soon.
You can drive by the Santa Barbara Train station on State Street for years without truly appreciating its classic style and architecture.  But while waiting to complete the final part of the trip we could think about its history. 
The original station was destroyed in the 1925 earthquake and one now in place built in 1926.  I first saw the station a long time ago as an eighteen year old soldier away from home and Mother for the first time.
I have always loved train travel and are a confessed train buff.  Train stations have an interest all their own, all most individual and unique in appearance and with their own place in history.
For me our two hour trip from Santa Barbara back to Chatsworth ended too soon.  Like I stated,  I love trains.

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