Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our visit to Verace Pizza Napoletana Americas was most instructive as it gave us the opportunity to experience true Neapolitan Pizza.  Naples, Italy is the home of pizza which is about 300 years old.
In 1984 makers of pizza in Naples decided to form an organization that would safeguard the making of true Naples pizza. 
Officially approved Vera Pizza Napoletana is now being made almost world wide.
The official base for this product, in the USA and Canada,  is located at 4040 Del Rey Avenue in Marina Del Rey where classes are conducted on how to prepare authentic Pizza.
We were given a quick seminar on how true Napoletana is prepared and best of all were allowed to consume some of the delicious pizzas.  The basic ingredients are flour, tomato and buffalo Mozzarella.
What impressed us the most was the wonderful crust, the best we have ever tasted in a pizza.
To learn more about VPA and the classes at Marina Del Rey call 323 653-5792.

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