Friday, September 19, 2014

Surgery for a cataract has kept me close to home but it all went well so with my sons we were off  for a day in the mountains.  This time it was Frazier Mountain located off I 5 north of Gorman.  The town of Frazier Park lies at the foot of Frazier Mountain and a road climbs to its summit at 8005 feet.  Here there is a fire lookout tower now shabby with disuse.
However the views in every direction are rewarding and it was a great place to escape the heat wave in the Los Angeles basin.
After admiring the views we found a delightful place for a tailgate lunch where we munched and then wandered about admiring the Jeffrey pine forest with some of the trees hundreds of years old.
All too soon it was time to get back into the car for the one and three fourth hours it took us to return to the San Fernando Valley where it was still over 100 degrees.

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