Monday, June 8, 2015

We found our recent visit to Hakkasan Beverly Hills restaurant an impressive experience.  It is one of 12 restaurants located on four continents featuring an innovative Cantonese cuisine.  The decor and ambiance are Oriental but like the menu unique and most original.
The bar is truly a showplace with four bartender stations and an astounding  variety of spirits and liquors .  This depth and variety of spirits and unusual cocktails is matched with a wine list of some four hundred wines selected from the world's vineyards.
Chef Ho Chee Boon enjoys an international reputation and while featuring dishes from all of the eight Chinese culinary traditions has moved on to his own specialties and creations.
We love Dim Sum and were delighted with the Dim Sum Platter featured at Hakkasan.  The Rib Eye Bites with marinated lotus in black pepper sauce were just wonderful as was the steamed red snapper with Assam sauce.
The menu is large with both traditional and the Chef's innovative specialties.
The service staff was just what one expects in the type of upscale restaurant represented by Hakkasan.  The skill of the bar staff remarkable.
Hakkasan Beverly Hills is located at 233 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills with valet parking.   Call 310 888-8661 or

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