Friday, July 24, 2015

This was our second visit to the Vina De Liceaga Winery.  On our first visit we had the opportunity to meet Owner Edurardo Liceaga-Campos and learned about the first harvest, which was in 1993, and what had followed.  At the time of this visit the sparkling tasting room and patio had just been completed.
On our visit last week we learned that the Mr. Liceaga had died and that his wife, Myrna Liceaga was now owner.  We did have the opportunity to meet her briefly.
Mr. and Mrs. Liceaga did their work well and the winery is  one of the showplace wine facilities that are now filling the Valle de Guadalupe.
On the eighteen acres of vineyards many different varietals are planted and represented in the wines.  The Liceaga Winery is unique in the Valley for producing grappa as well as wine.  Under the Aqua de Vid label there are two 80 proof bottlings, one called De Moscatel and the other, De Uvas Rojas.
We tasted this grappa but very, very carefully.  We still had a long day before us.

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