Friday, October 23, 2015

One of the joys of being a reporter is always finding something new, different or unique.  In all our countless trips on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood what we did not know about was a specialty chocolate store and factory called John Kelly Chocolates.
On a side street just steps from the famous boulevard two men have created a specialty chocolate business.
They are John Kelson and Kelly Green and from early beginnings eleven years ago they have created a whole selection of chocolate confections that now have followers across the country.
In Hollywood their retail shop and factory is located at 1506 N. Sierra Bonita Avenue and yesterday we had the opportunity to tour their factory and see how these chocolate fudge creations are hand crafted and packaged.  We also had the opportunity to taste our way through this experience with some of the product.
Besides their two locations, the second is in Santa Monica at 1111 1/2 Montana Avenue, their hand crafted chocolates are featured at specialty retailers, gourmet groceries and hotels nationwide, as well as orders made online.
As we toured the Hollywood location we were impressed with the dedication of the employees and the many delicate steps needed to create each of the many specialty chocolates including solid bars, truffle fudge packs and caramel clusters to name a few.
You can learn more about John Kelly Chocolates on line at www.johnkellychocolates.,com. Telephone 1 800 609-4243 or at the store open six days a week, closed Sundays.
A famous Hollywood movie and actor used the line "I'll be Back".  I am using it too about John Kelly chocolates. 

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