Saturday, December 12, 2015

A traditional cuisine and home produced beverages all play a large role in the  attractions offered by the Czech Republic for both locals and visitors. We learned much about this when we recently attended  the Czech Tourism Holiday Party in West Los Angeles
     There we met Vojtech Kacerovsky, director of Czech Tourism in Los Angeles, as well as Barbora Skokanova, travel trade manager.
     Following a video showing of scenic tourists attractions we  had the opportunity to taste some classic Czech entrees.  These included a fish soup, fried breaded carp and potato salad.  Our dessert a Czech traditional holiday sweet bread.
     Our wines included Vino Z Czech 2011 Rivaner and a 2011 Zweigeltrebe.  The Republic has two major wine growing regions producing  white and red varietals.  Mikulovska is historic for growing vineyards that are said to have been  first planted by Romans.   Mikulovska is a region that has achieved fame with its Ryzlink Viassky, a riesling styled white wine.  Muller Thurgau and Chardonnay also do well in this region. 
     Another wine growing region, Velkopavlovicka, was recorded as growing grapes and making wine in 1252.  It is hilly country and also has the warmest climate in the Republic.
     Western most wine region is Znojemska and its elegant white wines were always popular with the Viennese Emperor's Court.
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