Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It is always a joy to be at a restaurant where it all comes together, location, decor, ambiance, a friendly efficient staff and an excellent menu with sensible pricing.  And so it was when we dined recently at Harborside Restaurant in Newport Beach.  The view is, of course, perfect with every table and booth overlooking the bay. As for location the restaurant is in the historic Balboa Pavilion which has been gracing the harbor since 1906.
There are just hints of this history and tradition when you first enter the restaurant.  The walls show the paneling of an earlier era as well as the Tiffany lamp in the corner. Also the  pattern stamped metal ceiling so common in  early 20th century restaurant decor.
Doug and Dave Salisbury took over the Pavilion in 2002 and have never looked back.  Downstairs the Harborside Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience, upstairs a large ballroom with sweeping views of the harbor from the large windows that dominate the walls. 
After meeting with Manager Sheila Corwin it was time to try the cuisine.  Naturally with its bayside location the menu offers much seafood both among  the starters and entrees.  We were a threesome and our waiter suggested we might like to try the trays with a variety of seafood, one cold the other hot
When they arrived we appreciated what a great suggestion it was.  The cold tray offered oysters on the half shell, shrimp with dipping source and a marvelous sushi served with chips.  The hot tray offered butterfly shrimp, , calamari, and skewered Korean BBQ beef short ribs.
For lunch this proved to be just the right amount of food, and most satisfying.
Harborside is open seven days a week.  The restaurant is located at 400 Main Street and with the towering Pavilion hard to miss.  Telephone 949 673-4633, on the web at www.harborside-pavilion.com

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