Friday, March 4, 2016

Morrison on Los Feliz proved to be the perfect classroom for our on going research on the many kinds of vodka.
This evening it was about vodka produced from rye grains rather than the traditional grains and potato.
It included the introduction of Sobieski Estate Single Rye Premium vodka imported from Poland.  Actually it adds to the Sobieski brand which already is marketed in the U.S. in several flavors but all one hundred per cent rye.
The newly introduced premium Sobieski is packaged in a frosted bottle and produced from Dankowski rye and is made with water from the Carpathian Fore.
We tasted the new premium and noted  it offers more aroma and some nut like flavors.
Reminding us of an earlier era we then had a classic cocktail in a metal cup called, through the years, a Moscow Mule.
We were also impressed with our 'class room'.  Morrison is a most popular restaurant and last evening had a full bar following and almost every table filled with happy patrons.
Morrison is located at 3179 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles with its own parking lot.  Telephone 323 667-1839.
As for the new premium Sobieski it will soon be found at high end restaurants, clubs, hotels and package stores, and most certainly at Morrison.

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