Saturday, July 23, 2016

One evening we moved the short distance from Holman Ranch to Carmel Valley to have dinner at a legendary bar and restaurant called Will's Fargo Steakhouse plus Bar.
The proprietors of Holman Ranch took over the restaurant in 2014 and while maintaining  the historic building and  western ambiance did some refurbishing and under the direction of Chef de Cuisine Greg Karajala show an exciting menu that includes much besides its famed steaks.
There is a complete bar and lounge and  both indoor and patio dining rooms.  We were on the patio and Chef Greg created some specialties for us including large prawns grilled with fresh corn  as well as baked sea bass with tiny potatoes.
Besides the variety of steaks the menu shows appetizers like Monterey Bay calamari and rock shrimp and thyme cured Monterey Bay salmon. 
Chef Greg takes full advantage of being located near one of the most productive agricultural regions in the nation  and places emphasis  on the  local produce and there are fresh kale and all asparagus salads.
On many evenings there is live entertainment in the bar.
As for the wine list here you can find all the Holman estate wines as well as the upscale Jarman vintages.
In fact the Jarman Tasting Room is located adjacent to the restaurant.
Will's Fargo Steakhouse and Bar is located at 16 West Carmel Valley Road in Carmel Valley.  Telephone 831 659 2774, web

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