Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We are happy to report that fine dining is alive and well at one restaurant in Southern California.  It is the Orange Hill Restaurant located atop a hill with with a view that sweeps over a huge urban area all the way to the ocean.
While the location is spectacular the menu is what makes this a truly outstanding restaurant.  Like the restaurant itself the choices are many and we had the opportunity to taste our way through several of them.
Among the starters were lamb chop lolly pops and steak tartare.  Another was a platter that included duck tacos, calamari and an artichoke dip.
There is a large selection of steaks and prime rib which can be ordered in two sizes.  We ordered the so called smaller size but it arrived covering most of the plate which also included a baked potato, fresh asparagus and an excellent horseradish sauce.
The prime rib arrived as ordered, medium rare and was tender and full of flavor.  I raved about it to the point that my two dining partners kept asking for sample bites which swept  the plate completely clean.
Our dessert also was a platter that included a variety of goodies like a cheese apple tart, creme brule, soft chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate dipped strawberries.
Outside there is a large patio equipped with fire pits and several were in use as groups gathered to share the warmth, companion ship and fabulous view of thousands of lights to the horizon.
We had the opportunity to meet and chat with Federico Sanchez, restaurant manager and also the very gracious Alicia Cho, also a manager.
Orange Hill Restaurant is located at 6410 East Chapman Avenue,  Orange, California, situated on top of a hill with free valet parking.  Telephone 714 997-1109, web www.

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