Friday, December 9, 2016

Once again we were awed with the skills shown by third semester culinary arts students at Los Angeles Harbor College.
As part of the school's excellent culinary arts program the students present a series of dinners in a college recreation room they call 1111 Harbor Bistro.
In this series of dinners each one has a different cuisine so there is a German, Italian, Caribbean and the night of our visit Chinese cuisine.
The five course Chinese Contemporary Menu opened with Asian Green Salad with smoked salmon and ginger-lime Vinaigrette with Shrimp Crisp.  The soup Duck Noodle with soft boiled egg.
Intermezzo was Asian five spice pear sorbet with plum wine. The entree was twice cooked pork ribs with black bean and Chile sauce and sweet and sour pork tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms, cabbage and water chestnut accompanied with Yang Zhou fried rice and stir fried Chinese long beans.
Our dessert cold raspberry soup with Almond cake and almond bean curd with Lychee and tropical fruit.
Preparation and service is all by students and and the excellence of both could be the envy of many restaurants.
The Chinese menu was prepared by Katie Bucci, Erica Nelson and David Garcia.  We must add that the design of the printed menu was to be admired as well.
Executive Chef Erik Pastora is in charge of the College Culinary Arts Program.

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