Saturday, January 28, 2017

It was a trip down memory lane when we visited  the Classic Auto Show being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Here were literally hundreds of automobiles from earlier eras. 
This was the first year of this show, and we wondered why, since Los Angeles has always been regarded as king of the highway when it comes to the number of cars on the road.
The South Hall of the Convention Center was a showcase for makes and models of classic cars, both domestic and foreign. 
We looked over the collection of Chevy pickups until we found one just like the 1960 that hauled our first camper on countless trips.
Then there was a large grouping of Ford Thunderbirds including the first two seaters and later models with a back seat just like the 1967 we owned for some years.
Most of the cars have been beautifully restored and look like they just left the dealers floor display.
My companion was captivated with a Rolls Royce from the 1930s which she thought would be perfect for traveling from Mall to Mall in the San Fernando Valley.
The show also features a Celebrity Theater which will provide advice on  ways and means of becoming a car collector.
Interestingly the Auto Show is an import from the UK.  But here in Los Angeles many local car clubs are showing their cars as well.
The Auto Show continues through tomorrow, Sunday January 29.

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