Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our attendance last evening at a seminar on Costa Rica tourism offered many revelations on what this small Central America Republic has to offer.
If the beach is your thing here there are 300 stretching along its shores that front both the Pacific and Caribbean.  On the Pacific side perfect surfing waves break on empty beaches.
This country, with a population of five million, enjoys a climate that makes it a year round tourist and visitor haven with a dry season from November to April and a green season from May through September.
Since in geography Costa Rica is a corridor between North and South American it has some half million species of flora and fauna.  To preserve bio diverse regions there are twenty natural parks, eight biological reserves and a series of protected areas.
Costa Rica is considered the second safest country in central and south America but has no standing army.  It enjoys a 128 year history as a democracy.
For the tourist it is easily accessible since it has 25 airlines serving its two international airports.
The country is also in the  fore front with renewable energy.
Costa Rica places heavy emphasis on its tourism and both cities and countryside offer a huge assortment of hotels, resorts and places for visiting its national parks and scenic wonders.
This learning experience all took place at the Hilton Hotel in Universal City and the seminar was followed by a buffet offering some of the favorite foods of the country.

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