Friday, April 21, 2017

For four decades the Southern California Restaurant Writers, a non-profit organization, has provided student scholarships to community colleges with culinary arts programs.
This under the name Doris Crandall Scholarship Fund, named for late founding member of the Writers group.
Yesterday a check for student scholarships was presented to Chef Erik Pastora who heads the culinary arts program at Los Angeles Harbor College..
Presenting the check were Jim Woodin, president, Ronnie Greenberg, Secretary and this Writer, Joe Hilbers, Scholarship Chairman.
At Harbor College each semester the students present a series of luncheons or dinners, each with the cuisine of different countries.
Yesterday it was a China buffet where we gladly took part.  The buffet included a variety of salads including Asian Red Cabbage, Edamame, Scallion in Sesame Vinaigrette; Marinated Cucumber; and Chinese long bean with candied cashew nut.
Vegetables were sauteed bok choy with shitake mushroom in XO sauce and twice cooked green beans with garlic.  Then rice and noodles the golden fried rice with duck egg and Dan Dan  Mian spicy sesame noodles.
Entrees were tea smoked duck and honey walnut shrimp.
Desserts included Mango pudding, egg tart and Lychee donut.
This semester Harbor College Culinary Arts students will present a series of luncheons continuing until May 25.  For more information e mail culinary

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