Friday, May 12, 2017

It had been a good many years since we had visited Tom Bergin's Public  House on Fairfax Boulevard in Los Angeles.  This Irish Pub is the closest one can get to Ireland in the US. 
A legend  in its own time it has been a  part of the city since 1935 and while there was new ownership a few years ago we were happy to see that nothing had changed.
Our visit a few nights ago was to learn about some  newly  introduced whiskies by Tullamore Dew which besides its regular Irish Whiskey  included Tullamore D.E.W. 12 year Special Reserve and Tullamore D.E.W. 15 year Trilogy.  Jane Maher, Tullamore Dew Ambassador then took the floor to explain what she described as "Three triple distilled, triple blend and triple matured" whiskies.  This proud brand dates back to 1820.  As we tasted the three whiskies we noted the flavors in the Special Reserve  included a hint of red wine and sherry, from some of the barrels that aged the spirits.  Flavors in the 15 year old Trilogy offered hints of cream and spice and we thought as smooth as the Shannon itself on a rare sunny afternoon.  To show the mixing qualities of Tullamore Dew we were served a perfect Manhattan cocktail.
Then the food started arriving with  classic fresh baked Irish biscuits with butter and honey,  then a long time Bergin favorite, deviled eggs, and for the entree the acclaimed thick oven roasted pork chop with its beer gravy.
All this took place in the picturesque back meeting room at the Public House with its trappings of fireplace, high windows and bench lined walls reminding one of the Olde Sod.  In fact we thought a chorus of "How are things in Glocamore" from the Broadway musical would have been a perfect way to end the evening.

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