Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter was still AWOL in Southern California.  We were greeted with another  cloudless morning and the promise of seventy degree temperatures so it was back to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, this time to the Paramount Ranch.  For three quarters of a century this  has been the site for the creation of countless movies and TV shows starting in 1927.
Through the years the ranch changed ownership several times but in 1980 the National Park Service acquired the property.
On the property is a western town complete with Saloon, Barber Ship, Sheriff's office, Hotel, Bank,  Railroad Station and much more.   We took countless photos and regretted that we had not worn our cowboy hat.
The landscape of the Ranch is so varied that it was used in the making of many films that had nothing to do with a western theme.  Now there are  trails for short hikes and picnic tables.
My son, Jeff, joined me this day and we had our ice chest, filled with goodies, so could enjoy all of the above.

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