Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When you live in the San Fernando Valley and the temperature reaches 100 degrees it is time to sound retreat and point the car to the beach, fortunately only about a 45  minute ride on I 101.
That is exactly what we did yesterday with our goal Phumb Line, The Sunset Restaurant overlooking the fishing boat marina in Ventura.  We had heard of this restaurant from friends and now it was the perfect day for a leisurely luncheon.  The temperature at dock side was a pleasant 77 degrees.
My dining partner and I were soon seated in a booth with a full view of the marina just steps away and studied the lunch menu which offers several seafood items as well as a large selection of sandwiches and salads.
Service was excellent as we both decided on the fish and chips. When the plates arrived we felt truly challenged with the huge amount of food on each plate.  Heaped were several huge slices of battered fish, quarter cut french fries, cold slaw and both cocktail and tartar sauce dips.
We both knew there was no way we were going to clean these plates at one sitting.   However we had lots of time and when we were finished the waitress prepared carry out packages for both of us.
Rhumb Line is located at 1510 Anchors Way Dr. in Ventura with free offstreet parking.  For more information call 805 642-1200, web

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