Friday, May 8, 2015

Last evening I was at Harbor Community College in Wilmington to present a $1000 scholarship on behalf of the Doris Crandall Scholarship Fund of the Southern California Restaurant Writers.  For decades it has been the practice of the Writers group to present these scholarships to students participating in  community college culinary arts program.
Harbor College Culinary Arts Department is one of four community colleges that will receive scholarship checks this year.
The check was presented last evening to Chef Giovanni Del Rosario who is director and executive chef at Harbor College.  The event was one of several dinners presented by the students during the school year, each dinner representing a different cuisine.  The dinner we attended was Mexican Cuisine and about one hundred people dined in what is called the Harbor Bistro.
The student team that planned and prepared the dinner were all from the third semester Culinary Arts class.
It was a five course dinner with students also acting as servers and included a salad, two soups, a watermelon intermezzo, then two entrees followed by dessert.
Last week the dinner was Chinese cuisine and next week it will be Italian.

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