Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Last evening we attended what could be called a spirited event at the Sofitel Beverly Hills Hotel.  It was sponsored by Midori Melon Liqueur to show its amazing versatility in mixing with other spirits to produce exciting cocktails.
To say the event was well attended and the mix of cocktails well received is an understatement.
The press, this Writer included, enjoyed a preview of with a "Moshi Moshi",  hello in Japanese and the opportunity to taste and chat with two very talented mixologists, Miranda Breedlove and Chris Neustadt.
After the press event a lively crowd of people arrived, many associated with the club and restaurant business.
Besides the choice of many different drinks, all made with Midori, there was a DJ for music, appetizers and individual photographs for those wishing them.  And our photograph was on our e mail this morning.
Midori is made in Japan using three different kinds of melons which makes it so adaptable with other spirits.
The event was hosted by Paul Zahn, Midori's national brand Ambassador who was accompanied by lovely Japanese women, clad in bright green, acting as waitresses and hostesses.

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