Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We were in Century City but our thoughts and attention were on Taiwan.  For at the AMC Theater we watched the premiere of a new TV show entitled "Best of Taste Taiwan: Ten Things You Must Do In Taiwan"
The event opened with a cocktail reception and  appetizers putting Taiwan culinary arts on display with dim sum and pot sticker tasties.
Then we moved to the theater where Mike Siegel, producer of the film was on hand to give an on site commentary as we watched what this island nation has to offer the visitor.
The film covered many aspects of life in Taiwan including its night markets, renowned tea, shopping opportunities, as well as the diverse scenery from high mountains to an amazing variety of coast line.
We had the chance to speak briefly with Brad C. H. Shih, director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Los Angeles who told of the half million American visitors to Taiwan last year.
The film also gave us a look at the Island's diverse cultures and the handicrafts and artworks they inspire.
An online version of film will soon be available
For more information call 1 310 649-7700 or

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