Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day Three
In the afternoon Main Street in Woodland looked like a time warp as it was lined with three hundred automobiles from earlier decades, and all looking shiny and new.  This has been an annual event in Yolo County  and Woodland for forty years.  Main Street was closed,,with foot traffic only, as folk, including this Writer, sought out models of cars owned and cherished in another time.  I found a T Bird like I once owned and also a Chevy pickup that hauled my cabover camper for some years.
In the evening these automobiles come to life and street cruisers take over showing that besides. looking pretty, they still run as efficiently as ever.
Our day started in Davis to look in on their Farmers Market, which has  enjoyed a Saturday forty year run and now includes a Wednesday showing as well.  This Market was one of the first in the nation and still is the only one having roof protection for inclement weather.    The true extent  of Yolo County agricultural bounty was on display here and we wondered if there was anything that can't be grown here.   This Farmers Market also includes some local wineries and we stopped to check out the selection of wines at Heringer Estates Family Vineyards & Winery.   Heringer is located in the Clarksburg area of Yolo County and produces a wide range of both red and white wines. 
The extent of richness in this agricultural region is evident, once again, with the large number of wine grape varietals that flourish here and accessible to the local winemakers.
Davis is a college town home to University of California Davis, with enjoys a world wide reputation for its Viticulure and Enology Courses and attracts students from almost every wine producing country.   Currently the University has an enrollment of 35,000 which makes a huge impact on Davis's population of 65,000 residents.
While in Davis we also visited the U S Bicycling Hall of Fame.  Davis could be called the bicycling capital of the United State.  Seventeen thousand  UC Davis students have bicycles and use them for transportation.   While we were there in May it was National Bike Month with a celebration and  on July 4th a Bike Criterium and Sidewalk sale.
The Bike Museum shows bicycles from the earliest models which began in England early in the 1800s.   The Museum also honors the yearly newcomers named to the Hall of Fame.  One of the things we learned was that California was the first state in the nation to officially designate bike paths, this taking place in the 1960s.
Later in the day we also visited the California Agriculture Museum which is home to a huge collection of farm equipment from the earliest machines that replaced the horse to modern tractors and combines.
That evening we dined at Kitchen Four Twenty Eight Restaurant  which has received several awards during the years.  Mojo's Lounge Bar is on the premises as well.
We met with Dylan Madden, general manager, and told him we were impressed both with the cuisine and service staff.
Kitchen Twenty Eight Restaurant is located at 428 First Street in Woodland, Tele. 530 661-0428.

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