Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day Two
On the western side of Yolo County there is the Capay Valley which has much to offer the visitor.  Olive Groves, vineyards and cattle grazing on the hillsides is just part of the scene here.    Our day started with a look into a new water sport we did not know existed.    Velocity Island Park introduced wakeboarding to Yolo County and is one of only two in California.  An overhead moving cable propels the wakeboarder across the water at speed much as if being towed by a boat.   The wakeboarder moves through the water much as a snowboarder on a mountain slope.
The Capay Valley has a long history since it has been home for native Americans for centuries.  The Yocha Dehe Wntun Nation still has its reservation here and in recent years built and operates the Cache Creek Casino Resort and has invested in olive groves, vineyards and Seka Hills Olive Mill.  We visited this Olive Mill and toured the facility which presses the olives for almost all the olive farmers in the region.  It was the largest such facility we have ever seen with all the machinery imported from Italy.  Then we tasted five different olive oils in a beautiful room which also offers wine tasting.
Next  was a visit the Matchbook Wine Company winery located in Dunnigan Hills.  The Winery has four brands, each from a distinct region.  We met Owners John and Lane Giguiere who hosted a wonderful lunch for us.  Then we toured the winery with Winemaker Dan Cederquist.
In the afternoon we visited another historic Yolo County community, Winters which began as a center for agriculture in 1842 and became a city when the railroad arrived in 1876.   We were there to see and learn the history of the Putah Creek Park which, as a city project, was returned to its original condition as a wooded region with the creek flowing year round and including the reintroduction of salmon.   The Creek is spanned with a new bridge which was dedicated the day we were there and also by the original railroad steel bridge built in 1906.
Our dinner was at Morgan's On Main in Woodland with a menu dedicated to using the produce grown and products  produced in Yolo County.   There is a large selection of steaks but I decided on the Shrimp Scampi  and my dining partner on the salmon.  Before leaving we had the opportunity to chat with Richard Gay, restaurant manager.
Morgan's on Main is located at 614 Main Street, Woodland, CA. telephone 530 402-1275.

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