Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mezzet is new to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and also new is its featured Mediterranean cuisine.
It is at the site that was  previously Nello Cucina.  Mezzet opened in late June showing a new decor and ambiance plus its exciting menu.
We met co-owner Wallie Nasser and Executive Chef Anthony Mattina.  We  have known Chef Mattina from some of his past culinary exploits so were most expectant of what his new menu would produce.
We opened with a long dish of hummus in chickpea puree and baba ghanoush smoked eggplant and tahini with a chopped parsley salad added accompanied by slices of flat bread. 
Indeed the Mediterranean diet was upon us with dishes from three different countries boarding that sea.
Next to arrive were sliced tomatoes with Mozzarella cheese followed by a brick fired Margherita pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and olive oil.
Then our entree, a Moroccan lamb tagine made with seven spices, one of the best couscous I have ever tasted surrounded by blistered grapes, honey cumin carrots and spicy chicpeas.  The lamb shank was perfect and again with many flavors present.
From the fire grill there is Shsh Taouk, grilled skewer of marinated chicken, beef tenderloin, also served on skewers, lamb chops, grilled Atlantic salmon and salmon kebab.
Mezzet has a full service bar and cocktail lounge and the wine list is international.
Mezzet is located at 3333 Bear Street, Costa Mesa with hours those of the South Coast Plaza.
Telephone 714 540-3365.

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