Thursday, August 11, 2016

There is a good deal of history for the Salinas Valley.  First there were the native Americans who have been there for centuries, then the Spanish explorers and missionaries, followed by emigrants from Europe.
Some of this is on display at the Agricultural and Rural Life Museum located in King City at the San Lorenzo Park.
The Museum includes six buildings with the main one originally an early dairy farm barn.  It now houses a wonderful collection of old cars, wagons and examples of early King City including the Post Office and general store.
Other buildings include the original King City Train Depot built in 1903 and La Gloria School which was first built in Gonzales in 1873.  In 1980 is was moved to its present site, fully restored with desks, blackboards and artifacts.  It is a perfect example of the one room, all ages school house of America's past.
Another exhibit tells the story of the first Swiss settlers who settled the region and began  wheat farming and then moved on to daily farming.
We thought the San Lorenzo Park was the perfect setting for this museum and is itself a tree shaded picnic ground.
King City began as a farming community and gained importance when the railroad was build.  It is also the setting for some of John Steinbeck's novels.
It was another of our interesting explorations in Salinas and the valley surrounding it.

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