Monday, October 3, 2016

One evening last week we attended  the 2016 Visit California Media Reception which  presented us with the opportunity to experience the seventy story U S Bank building.  Since its completion it now dominates the Los Angeles sky line and most exciting is the top floor OUE Skyspace.
This is where the Media Reception took place.  Also on this top floor,  almost 1,000 feet above the streets below, is an outside observation deck as well as the Skyslide.  This is located outside the building and offers, those brave enough,  the opportunity to take the all glass slide from the 70th to the 69th floor.
We contented ourselves with staying inside the all glass enclosed observation deck to enjoy California wines and craft beers while talking to some of the forty plus destination partners.  These represented cities and regions throughout California.
We also watched the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean and then brilliant redden clouds that continued to glow long after.   The view here extends 360 degrees  from the San Gabriel Mountains to the sea and much of the city is stretched out below ones feet.  The look straight down to tiny cars is most impressive.
Skyspace LA is located at 635 W 5th Street in Los Angeles.

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