Monday, October 24, 2016

Our ten mile ATV trip on  trails of Inn of Newport Ranch was both a scenic and learning experience.  Guide Evan Manley first took us along the coast  to show us where the early loggers loaded the harvested timber aboard schooners.  With no harbor the ships hovered near shore to a cable supported  chute where the logs were loaded.
In the late 1800 the Fort Bragg area experienced a boom with the demand for timber in San Francisco and elsewhere, especially the prized redwood.  The result was communities that prospered for a time and now have disappeared completely.
Leaving the coast our route took us to the timbered mountains where the logging took place.  Roads and trails made by the loggers now are the track we followed in the ATV.   These timbered slopes had been harvested for timber twice in the last 150 years but now, left undisturbed, show new growth and new groves of redwood trees.
Evan is very knowledgeable as  he explained how redwood trees regenerate themselves through their root system and even from fallen trees.
We also visited an old cemetery where many of the pioneers of the region are buried.  Also sites that are now just pasture where bustling communities once stood.
The mountains behind the Inn rise to 1000 feet and on our tour offered wonderful views of long stretches of the wild coast line and ocean.

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