Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This day in Yuma, among other adventures, we learned more about the birds and the bees thanks to David Mansheim, manager of the Bard Date Company.  We went to a date palm grove to learn how they are grown and produce their fruit.  There are male and female palm trees.  The male trees provide the pollen that seed the dates which only grow on the female trees.  In the grove we visited there were hundreds of trees with only one male tree for fifty female trees.
The bees hang out in the male trees.  Palm  trees grow an average of a foot a year and produce one crop a year with harvest in September.
That evening we journeyed to the Quechan Casino & Resort located west of Yuma just off Interstate 8.  It is a very large, lush complex of casino, 166 guest rooms, a huge patio with heated pool and unique Lazy River for floating about.
We were there to dine at the upscale Ironwood Steakhouse and were not disappointed.  The ambiance excellent, the cuisine memorable and the staff most professional. 
It capped a most interesting day.

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