Monday, April 21, 2014

We were meeting friends in Santa Barbara and chose Marmalade Cafe for our luncheon.  This is a small chain of four restaurants, all located in Southern California.
Marmalade has achieved a reputation for showing a very contemporary menu that is upbeat and with frequent entree changes.
I chose the seared Ahi with Napa slaw and was delighted with my plate when it arrived.  Another at our table ordered the chicken tacos which arrived on a platter with rice, and  black beans.  We noted that the menu showed some most interesting entree salads like poached salmon Nicoise.
There were also flat breads and unusual pastas like artichoke ravoli.
The service matched the food in excellence so it proved to be a very nice event.
Marmalade Cafe in Santa Barbara is located at 3825 State Street with both inside and patio dining and free off street parking.  Tele. 1 805 682-5246.

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