Friday, April 18, 2014

With the City of Yuma currently celebrating its 100 year Centennial many special events and activities have been scheduled, some while we were there. 
The history of the Yuma crossing of the Colorado River extends back many centuries before the City existed and became chartered.  It was one of the few places the River could be forded when it was large and with fast water.  It was where the Indians crossed, then the first Spanish explorers followed by the many Americans who went west to California during the 1849 gold rush.
The Colorado River was tamed with several dams but its importance is still great as the water source for all the agricultural development that has taken place in the area with Yuma as its hub.
The 2014 Taco Festival was one of the events we attended.  It took place at the Fairgrounds and was a part of Music Fest.  Fifty eight local food outlets took part in featuring their own version of this southwest tasty..  Twenty eight took part in a Taco cookoff with a whole team of judges on hand to select the best taco.

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