Monday, June 30, 2014

Obviously Griffith Observatory is one of the most visited places in Los Angeles.  Certainly that was our experience when, on the spur of the moment, we decided to make  use of a few hours while spending a day in Hollywood.
What we did not know that seemingly everyone else had the same idea on the same day.  The result was lots of cars with too few parking places.  Our eventual parking spot left us with about a quarter mile, all uphill,  from the Observatory.
We might add that we had about a half century more age than anyone else we saw that day.  So on our hike uphill we stopped ostensibly to admire the view, but really to catch our breath and chant "to rest is not to conquer" before moving on.  Not to say that the view was not worthwhile.  Actually on this day much of the City of  Angels was spread out before us.
Yes, the gift that Griffith J. Griffith gave to the people of many generations is truly worth seeing.  And since 1935 when the Observatory opened it has been visited by 75 million people.
We enjoyed  the exhibits and the people who were obviously pleased with the day and experience.
Fortunately for us the route back to our far off car was all downhill.

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