Friday, June 6, 2014

The past met the present when the Anaheim Packing House opened it doors once again, this time as a new entity for a collection of unusual dining and beverage shops.  The Packing House first opened in 1919 when Anaheim was the the collection point for miles of surrounding orange and lemon groves.  Here the farmers harvest was gathered and then shipped by railroad across the country.
Now restored, the building still maintains the ambiance of its former years but with the facilities that offer a contemporary gathering place for people of all ages
We attending the press opening last evening and were briefed about the restoration of the building and the long list of showplace eating and drinking places it will house.  Explaining how all this came about was Shaheen Sadeghi, President and CEO of  Lab, the firm responsible for the Packing House rebirth.
Some exciting sample plates were offered to show the wide variety of cuisines that will be available at the Packing House.  Adya showed us some interesting Indian street food    Some wonderful sushi was on our plate from Orange Tei which was the work of Shigetoshi Nakamura.
We chatted with Gretchen Shoemaker whose Georgie's will showcase a full menu of southern soul food.
Our bun sandwiches of beef and pork from The Kroft were so good that it hard to say no more.
In all there will be 28 food stalls featuring many different cuisines.
The Packing House is located 440 S. Anaheim Blvd., in historic downtown Anaheim.  Open daily.

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