Friday, June 20, 2014

While I went to the California Science Center to view the Pompeii Exhibition I also took the opportunity of viewing the Space Shuttle Endeavor while there.  A ticket to the Pompeii exhibit also allows one to visit the Samuel Oschin Space Center  where the Endeavor sits in splendor.
Like almost everyone in Southern California I was glued to the television watching the Endeavor make its arrival in Los Angeles.  And at the Oschin Center I looked at a video program that showed it once again.
Besides the Endeavor one of its rocket engines is on display as well.
Another video program takes one through some of Endeavor's missions in space including the one to repair the optics on the Hubble Telescope. This involved replacing faulty lens with ones that cleared the telescopes images.  This proved to be a great success allowing all the wonderful photographs which we view now from Hubble.
In all Endeavor made 25 missions to space.  It bears a noble name since the original Endeavor was the name of famed English explorer James Cook's ship in the 17th century.
For more information on what are the best times for viewing Endeavor at the California Science Center call 213 744-2019, on the web at

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