Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As a history buff our day exploring the past and present of Jacksonville, Oregon was pure joy.  The town was founded in 1851 when gold was discovered and soon boomed as mining towns did all over the west.
Our first stop was the Jacksonville Cemetery which was founded in 1860 making it the oldest in the state of Oregon.  Divided into many sections with religions, fraternal organizations, race all included, it also has family plots with several generations.
Civil War veterans,from both sides, are buried here as they came west to find new lives after that terrible conflict.
In Jacksonville itself we went aboard the Jacksonville Trolley to see what the town looked like in its glory years.  After many years of decline Jacksonville gained a new life when in 1960 it was named a National Historic Landmark and a serious effort was made by local citizens to restore the City as it once was.
This has been a remarkable success and tourism now accounts for much of the City's current popularity as people view public buildings and private homes  in their original state.
Jacksonville now also is in the midst of the southern Oregon wine country and a part of one of the three wine trails in the region.

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