Friday, September 25, 2015

In the next week we will be making reports on our cruise aboard Holland American's Maasdam to North East Canada.  The trip ended at Quebec City and Montreal and these two destinations were new to us.
We spent two days in Montreal and one day took yet another wine road.
This one is called La Route Des Vins and takes one to the Eastern Townships in the countryside outside Montreal.  It is a region of lush pasture, woodland, orchards, vineyards and villages most picturesque.
Here are wineries producing traditional wines but also ice wines and apple cider as well.
The wineries are using grapes that have adopted to the more severe winter climate typical of the region.
One winery is producing a chardonnay and also a white wine from Vidal Blanc.
Riesling does well in this region and red wines mostly use a varietal called Marechal Foch originally from northern France.
The ice wines are marvelous and tasting them a real treat.  At Domaine Pinnacle we tasted some outstanding apple ice wines which have achieved an excellent reputation and come as both a still and sparkling cider.
More about Montreal and Quebec City to follow

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