Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last evening we experienced both an entertainment and educational experience as we learned about Guam, the United States most western possession and now billed as "where America's Day Begins".
We watched with pleasure and interest the cultural dancing of some of the Island's young, graceful women and experienced some of the food that is traditional to Guam.
The native people of Guam are Chamorra with as history and culture that is four thousand years old.  The island was revealed to the western world when Ferdinand Magellan sailed to it in 1521 as he circled the planet for the first time.
Today Guam is becoming an ever more popular tourist attraction with visitors arriving from many Asian countries as well as the U.S.  This year it will host one million visitors to enjoy its tropical island ambiance with all the trappings and outdoor activities of the modern world.
The event that took place for the media last evening was held at the Tiato Market Garden Cafe.  This was new to this Writer and we enjoyed its ample facilities with both an extensive garden patio as well as the inside bar, lounge and meeting space.
It is located at 2700 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica with extensive underground parking.
We will have more to tell about the Chamorra who are rediscovering their earlier culture and bringing it to the American lifestyle they now live.

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