Monday, June 27, 2016

It is probably fortunate that the west San Fernando Valley is a long freeway ride to Tustin in Sunday  Highway 5 traffic
For each Sunday Tustin Ranch Golf Club has  the best  brunch we have ever experienced.  Only the distance keeps us from enjoying it more often.
However we were there yesterday, met with charming Sous Chef  Sara Guccione, settled in at a table overlooking a picturesque scene that included parts of the golf course, and after a glass of champagne moved  to the many  delicacies.
We love seafood and here we found all that we could desire.  Our plate soon was loaded with oysters on the half shell, crab legs, large cocktail shrimp, lox, calamari and butterfly shrimp.
We almost felt guilty going back to see what else was on the menu that day.  There was Santa Barbara BBQed tri-tip, lamb medallions, and a Brit styled mac and cheese.
Another table had all the making of a traditional breakfast with bacon, sausage and hash browns. Another table stacked with salads.
After our shameful attack on the seafood we only sampled some of the above described tasties but after sighting the huge display of desserts we were back once more and confess to one chocolate cream eclair and an originally prepared Brownie.
Tustin Ranch Golf Club, while open to the public, has all the facilities and ambiance of a private golf club.
It is located at 12442 Tustin Ranch Road in Tustin.  For more information call 714 734-2111, on the web at

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