Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One morning we had breakfast at the Lone Spur Cafe in Peoria, Arizona.  We loved the place with its decor and ambiance dedicated to the time of the cowboy and an earlier era of the southwest.   The walls are covered with western art, cowboy fixtures and artifacts.
As for the menu the conclusion is that cowboys had really healthy appetites.  Here are items like pork chops and eggs, cowboy size jumbo breakfast Burrito, corned beef hash and eggs  or a hand cut top sirloin steak and eggs.
We had the opportunity to meet Owner  Cory Farley and he explained that Lone Spur was new to Peoria being open six months.  The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch every day but dinner only on Friday evening.
The Lone Spur Cafe is located at 9780 W Northern Avenue in Peoria.  Telephone 623 773-7338.
Later in the day we visited the Heard Museum which is world famous for how it presents the lives and way of life of the native  southwest American people.  There are exhibits on the history and culture of each tribe and much of their art as well.
We were much interested in a current special exhibition which tells the story of the Santa Fe Railroad and the Fred Harvey Company and how they  gave millions of people their first introduction to Arizona and the southwest
The Heard Museum is open daily and located at 2301 North Central Avenue in Phoenix.  Telephone 602 252-8840, web www.heard.org.

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