Sunday, August 16, 2015

In our movements around Mission Bay one evening we visited the Paradise Point Resort and its acclaimed Tidal Restaurant.  The Resort is a wooded sanctuary surrounded on three sides by the Bay. 
My dining partner had been to Tidal in the past but it was a new experience for me.  She remembered the restaurant as having a rather rustic decor and ambiance.
When we arrived this time all this had been changed and the restaurant now showed a modern, contemporary decor and ambiance and a menu to match.
We met Amy DiBiase, Executive Chef and General Manager, and were impressed with her European background and the Mediterranean influences she shows in her menu.
Appetizers and entrees often have original names and most show imaginative combinations of foods and spices.
Some plates are meant to be shared and we chose the bay scallop and shrimp cocktail which came with seasonal fruit, jicama, cucumber, Thai basil, mint and taro.  We were both pleased and impressed.
We both chose the olive oil poached halibut for our entree and was presented with a huge plate that included besides wonderful flaky halibut  also Brandade cake, asparagus, and whole grain mustard creme fraiche.
There was no doubt that Tidal has maintained and even upgraded its reputation for fine dining.
The Paradise Point Resort with Tidal Restaurant is located at 1404 Vacation Road in San Diego.  Telephone 858 490-6363, web

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