Saturday, August 15, 2015

Moray's, Catamaran Resort's casual bar and outdoor patio, was one of our favorite places for some afternoon relaxation.  We would lounge on the patio sipping ice tea discussing where we had been earlier that day and what was ahead for us that evening.
It was hard to believe such a scene of tropical ambiance could exist while just across Mission Bay one could view the tall buildings of downtown San Diego.
Moray's menu shows lighter fare available at any time of day or evening.  Fish tacos and flat breads head the list of appetizers.  There is also sushi and a cold bar dominated with seafood and burgers.  The inside bar and lounge looked inviting but the outdoor relaxing on the patio won the day for us.
We decided it was also a wonderful place for people watching since the view of the beach displayed a constant amount of activity on both land and water.

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