Tuesday, August 18, 2015

While thousands visit SeaWorld each day an important but little know program is also taking place.  It is called SeaWorld Rescue and its mission is to rescue and care for hundreds of sea animals and birds each year.
To learn more about it we met with Kevin Robinson, Senior Animal Care Specialist, who explained how the program worked and guided us through its facilities.  There is a new Critical Care Unit  where sea mammals are brought after being discovered in distress on some beach.  Here they are evaluated and the type of treatment and recuperation prescribed.
On an average year over one hundred seals, sea lions and dolphins are cared for with a success rate of seventy per cent.
Harm can come to seals and sea lions both from national and human related causes.  Kevin showed us a large number of fish hooks and lures that have been removed from seals.  Another hazard is seals getting tangled in fishing line.
Over a span of fifty years some 25,000 animals and birds have been restored and rehabilitated back to their natural world.  This SeaWorld Rescue operation is completely  financed from regular attendance revenue.
If you would like to learn more about this program go to the web at www.seaworldcares.com.

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