Friday, August 14, 2015

One afternoon at the Catamaran Resort we watched Jackie Kohlman and her group of colorful birds perform.  Jackie's players include five exotic parrots, Bianchi, a Macaw, Chadwick, a Cockatoo, Cornell, a South American Macaw, Scooter from Mexico and Mercer.
The show was thoroughly enjoyed both by us and a large group of adults and children. The colorful feathery 'costumes' of the birds were dazzling.
After the show we met with Jackie Kohlman to learn more about her and the birds.  She and the birds have been together for twelve years and these birds do enjoy longevity, the oldest  Mercer born in 1988 and the youngest Cornell born in 2004.  Interestingly all were born in the U.S., most at the San Diego Zoo.
These Performers are a regular feature at the Catamaran Resort many afternoons.

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