Monday, February 2, 2015

Besides the Cruise 2 Jam Blue Grass musicians aboard Carnival Imagination there were a group of disabled veterans.  This came about when Jerry Turner, organizer and founder of the Blue Grass event decided to take disabled veterans and their families along as guests of the group.
This Writer made it a point to  meet and and interview these veterans.  Each night aboard ship we dined with one of these veterans and his family.
One evening it was with Jonathan Schumacher, a Marine who lost both legs in a  roadside mine explosion while serving in Afghanistan.  With him aboard was his wife, Courtney and two young sons.
Another evening we were at the dinner table with Geoffrey and Samantha Quevedo.  He was with the U.S. Army on an eight month tour in Afghanistan when he lost his left arm during a fire fight.  He and his wife had married a month before after being high school sweethearts.
We also met another U.S. Army veteran, Rallace Fanene.  While serving in Iraq during a fire fight he stepped on a mine and lost his right leg and arm.  This occurred just two weeks before finishing his second fifteen month tour in that country.  We also met his wife Scarlett and two children, daughter, Nahia and son, Lokepa.
Jerry Turner calls this program for disabled veterans Friends2Veterans.

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