Thursday, February 19, 2015

When we were seated for the second Mesquite MusicFest event, located at the CasaBlanca Resort showroom, we did not quite know what to expect.   It was billed as Roadhouse Legends featuring Vegas singers, dancers and musicians.  But Country music does cover a wide spectrum.
In fact it proved to be all the above and much more.  The stage was set as a typical road house, tables for eating and a bar at the opposite side.  Heading and directing all was a dynamic Christie Copland ably assisted by Dave Hoover.
Getting the show off to a fast start were comely show girls and guys in a true western stomp.  Some big name country impersonators then took over.  A look alike Kenny Rogers sang "You got to hold them and fold them" with the audience participating.  Then "Lady, let me hold you".  Then a ballard style Tim McGraw with "Ruby" and "Lady, I want to tell you".
A  fine impersonation of Reba McEntire followed in her robust style.  Then with help from the audience "Save a horse, ride a cowboy"  Then more ballards like "Grandpa, tell me of the good old days" with video screens showing old photos for visible effect.
Two cowboy poets followed with some corn spun country humor.  An acrobat, dressed like an Italian chef,  did some amazing balancing acts on cooking pots with Dolly Parton telling him to get back into the kitchen.
Closing was boisterous with the singing of God Bless America by the cast and the Mesquite Methodist Church choir taking part.  Then Christie Copland and Dave Hoover led the cast out of the showroom so they could personally greet members of the audience as we filed out.
It was a fun filled performance.

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