Sunday, February 1, 2015

Once again it is off on a Carnival cruise to Mexico, this time on the Imagination.  And once again I will be aboard with the Cruise 2 Jam group of Blue Grass musicians.  This is seventh year that lovers and performers of Blue Grass have gathered on a four day Carnival cruise to Santa Catalina and Ensenada.
And for this Writer the third time.
I first met the group quite accidentally when on a Carnival cruise four years ago.  I was captivated by both the music and the musicians who were aboard from many different states and localities.
Then I had met the man responsible for this coming together of musicians.  His name is Jerry Turner and this whole congregation of musicians was  his original idea and goal.
This year there were about 110 aboard and soon were picking and jamming in groups scattered around different parts of the Imagination.
Tomorrow we will cover another important aspect of this Cruise 2 Jam event.

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