Friday, February 20, 2015

Wrapping up; the 2015 Mesquite MusicFest were three legends from the late 20th century.  It was called Killer, Cash & King and portrayed Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Elvis Priestly.
The story line is that they are all in Memphis in the early 1970s before their days of fame.  Jerry Lee Lewis is performing on his own show when Cash and Elvis drop in and proceed to take over from Jerry.  Jerry opens with some 1950 boogie woogie backed by two guitars and drummer as sidemen.  Then follows with a robust "Shake it Baby"  Then in walks Johnny Cash and they decide on some 1955 hits like "Cry, Cry, Cry" and  "Crazy".
Soon Elvis arrives and belts out "Blue, Grey Shoes" followed by "That's all Right" with Johnny Cash joining in.  Lee keeps saying its his show and he invented rock n' roll and asks agreement from the sidemen.  This topic continues through the whole show.
Then all three join in with "Because your mine" and "I feel all right".  Then they move up to 1969 and gospel  with "Praise the lord, I saw the light:" and "Ring of Fire".
The three impersonators for the famed trio were excellent,  providing   realistic performances  and the backup musicians professional.  There were two performances of Killer, Cash & King, one a matinee the second at night, both in the showroom of the CasaBlanca Resort and Casino.  We chose the matinee and our final thought was that all three of the MusicFest events were just right for  audiences whose memories dated back four decades to when they were young and had lived through those years.
And like this Writer wondered where those youthful years had gone.

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