Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The MusicFest concerts were in the evening which allowed  free time during the day to explore and enjoy the desert scenery that surrounds Mesquite.  This presented the best of two worlds for me, outdoor activity in daylight hours and Casino entertainment in the evening.
One day I set off for Valley of Fire State Park.  It has been some decades since I had last been there.  Then we would often camp there en route to Utah where my wife's family lived.
There is a lot to see in this State Park which gets its name from the red sandstone rock formations that formed a 150 million years ago from shifting sand dunes. 
They appear in all shapes and sizes and have acquired names like Duck Rock, Seven Sisters, White Domes and the Beehives.  These are all places to stop and take photos, etc.  Some have picnic sites as well and the Park has two campgrounds.
The Park has both a west and east entrance so it is possible to enter from I 15 in either and make a circle drive allowing one to exit the other so to see as much as possible.  This is what we did.
The Park also has an excellent Visitor Center with exhibits on the geology,  plants and animals.  Also the human history which dates back over one thousand years.
It was an easy day trip from Mesquite and one I thoroughly enjoyed.
For more information on Valley of Fire State Park call 702 397-2088, web www.parks.nv/vf.htm.

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